We need to increase our regular giving at all of our Churches.  We thought it would be useful to put together this explanation of the different ways available to pay for the Christian Worship in our wonderful parish.

Gone are the days when the only way of giving is by putting money on the plate on Sunday.

To qualify you must pay an amount of Income Tax and or /Capital Gains Tax for each year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all charities (including churches) and Community Amateur Sports Clubs you donate to will reclaim on your gifts for that tax year. Other taxes such as VAT and Council tax do not qualify.

We can currently reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 you give
That has to be good news – but we can only do it if you sign a form available from the Gift Aid Secretary. It will cost you nothing, but for Holyhead Parish it will mean a great deal.  You will be provided with a set of 52 envelopes into which a weekly offering can be placed and then put into the collection plate at Church services.  If you wish to take part in this scheme, please complete a Gift Aid form available from our Gift Direct Secretary:
Mrs Audrey Hughes, 2 Pentre Felin, Holyhead, Anglesey, LL65 1LY Tel 01407 763134 or Edna Aldred 01407 861388 –

Alternatively, in the Church in Wales, it is possible to sign up for the Give Direct Scheme. Gift Direct is a facility which enables Church in Wales members to make regular donations to the church of their choice via direct debit. The facility is administered from Cardiff and is a free service to churches.  Cardiff pays into the specified Church account the amount received each month, together with an amount re-claimed from the Inland Revenue. There are booklets available at the back of all of our Churches for anyone who wishes to give on a regular basis by Direct Debit.  Or please contact one of the Church Wardens in your own church for further information.

We have yellow envelopes available for visitors who wish to make occasional donations.  Provided the name, address and postcode, date and a signature are provided we are able to claim the tax back from the Inland Revenue for these donations.


The Bishops Ministry Fund (previously known as the quota) pays for the clergy and all the associated costs.  Each Church is now be responsible for their own costs, as well as their contribution to the Bishops Ministry Fund

If you require further information about any of the above, please contact Edna Aldred – Tel 01407 8611388 or who will be happy to help you.


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